Hi there,

Welcome to my Blog!!

I am Michele Amburgey and I am a Spiritual Healer and Teacher.  I offer many different healing modalities and also teach classes on Spirituality!! I also offer Tele-Healings on conference call every Tuesday evening at 7pm pacific time for $5.  You can find out more about that here: _______________________________________   You can also visit my website at www.MicheleAmburgey.com for more info and to find out what classes are coming up!

I started this blog so that  can share some of the fun things that are going on in the world and so we can connect.  You have pieces to the puzzle and I have pieces to the puzzle and together… well, we have a whole picture!!

Up above you will find the “Ask Michele”  page where you can ask  a question about spiritual things that you may have been wondering about!

And next to that…  🙂 … you will find the “Channelings” page, where important channelings that are brought through Michele will be posted!

And next to THAT..  hhaa haa haaa ..  you’ll find the “Random Stuff” page.  Here we can post the stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else on this Blog!  🙂  Share your thoughts, poems, affirmations, anything that touches your heart, and Blog about the things you want to share!  Sometimes I will ask a question, and this is where you will find the space to share your answers!

I look forward to sharing more and more with you here at Ask Michele!!